Revolution R is now Microsoft R

There has been a huge shift in the force.  Can you feel it?  Today Microsoft is announcing that Revolution R is now Microsoft R.  This includes the Open R version as well.  Some notable features of Microsoft Open R.

  • Open R 3.2.2 is fully compatible with R 3.2.2
  • Microsoft, Mac OS X, and Linux support (wow!)
  • Available free to download
  • Multi-threaded math libraries
  • Enterprise version available (for a price)
This is an interesting shift for Microsoft in the analytics space.  Microsoft is flexing it’s server muscles to show that it can play in the data science field as well.  I’m wondering if the industry is going to shift.  We know that IBM, SAS, and Oracle are pushing forward with cloud analytics.  Microsoft is showing a major commitment to partner with the R community.  I think this is a bold and wise move as R has shown nothing but growth the last few years.

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