OpenOpt Suite release 0.42

Hi all,

I’m glad to inform you about new OpenOpt Suite release 0.42 (2012-Sept-15), fa free Python-written cross-platform software with primal focus on numerical optimization. Main changes:

*    Some improvements for solver interalg, including handling of categorical variables
*    Some parameters for solver gsubg
*    Speedup objective function for de and pswarm on FuncDesigner models
*    New global (GLP) solver: asa (adaptive simulated annealing)
*    Some new classes for network problems: TSP (traveling salesman problem), STAB (maximum graph stable set)], MCP (maximum clique problem)
*    Improvements for FD XOR (and now it can handle many inputs)
*    Solver de has parameter “seed”, also, now it works with PyPy
*    Function sign now is available in FuncDesigner
*    FuncDesigner interval analysis (and thus solver interalg) now can handle non-monotone splines of 1st order
*    FuncDesigner now can handle parameter fixedVars as Python dict
*    Now scipy InterpolatedUnivariateSpline is used in FuncDesigner interpolator() instead of UnivariateSpline. This creates backward incompatibility – you cannot pass smoothing parameter (s) to interpolator no longer.
*    SpaceFuncs: add Point weight, Disk, Ball and method contains(), bugfix for importing Sphere, some new examples
*    Some improvements (essential speedup, new parameter interpolate for P()) for our (currently commercial) FuncDesigner Stochastic Programming addon
*    Some bugfixes

In our website ( ) you could vote for most required OpenOpt Suite development direction(s) (poll has been renewed, previous results are here).

Regards, D.

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