OpenOpt Suite 0.39

Hi all,

I’m glad to inform you about new OpenOpt release 0.39 (quarterly since 2007).

OpenOpt is free, even for commercial purposes, cross-platform software for mathematical modeling and (mainstream) optimization. Our website have reached 259 visitors daily, that is same to and ~ 1/3 of ( details ).

In the new release:

  • interalg (medium-scaled solver with specifiable accuracy abs(f-f*) <= fTol): add categorical variables and general logical constraints, many other improvements
  • Some improvements for automatic differentiation
  • DerApproximator and some OpenOpt/FuncDesigner functionality now works with PyPy (Python with dinamic compilation, some problems are solved several times faster now)
  • New solver lsmr for dense/sparse LLSP (linear least squares)
  • Some bugfixes and some other changes

In our website ( you could vote for most required OpenOpt Suite development direction(s).