New OpenOpt Suite release 0.51

New OpenOpt suite v 0.51 has been released:

  • Some improvements for  FuncDesigner  automatic differentiation and QP
  • FuncDesigner now can model sparse (MI)(QC)QP
  • Octave QP solver has been connected
  • MATLAB solvers linprog (LP), quadprog (QP), lsqlin (LLSP), bintprog (MILP)
  • New NLP solver: knitro
  • Some elements of 2nd order interval analysis, mostly for interalg
  • Some interalg improvements
  • interalg can directly handle (MI)LP and (possibly nonconvex) (MI)(QC)QP
  • New classes: knapsack problem (KSP), bin packing problem (BPP), dominating set problem (DSP)
  • FuncDesigner can model SOCP
  • SpaceFuncs  has been adjusted for recent versions of Python and NumPy

visit for more details.

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