new OpenOpt Suite release 0.50

Hi all,
I’m glad to inform you about new OpenOpt Suite release 0.50 (2013-June-15):

    * interalg (solver with specifiable accuracy) now works many times (sometimes orders) faster on (possibly multidimensional) integration problems (IP) and on some optimization problems
    * Add modeling dense (MI)(QC)QP in FuncDesigner (alpha-version, rendering may work slowly yet)
    * Bugfix for cplex wrapper
    * Some improvements for FuncDesigner interval analysis (and thus interalg)
    * Add FuncDesigner interval analysis for tan in range(-pi/2,pi/2)
    * Some other bugfixes and improvements
    * (Proprietary) FuncDesigner stochastic addon now is available as standalone pyc-file, became available for Python3 as well

Regards, Dmitrey.

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