Mahendra Mistry: Retirement After 42 Years As an Electrical Engineer

After working for Bureau Veritas for over 26 years, and 42 years overall as an electrical engineer, Mahendra has made the decision to enjoy the next chapter of his life with his planned retirement. We have caught up with Mahendra who shares his employment journey, developments and accomplishments within the business, and his plans during retirement.

Name: Mahendra Mistry

Job Title: Electrical Technical Manager

Talk us through your development within Bureau Veritas

Due to my range of experience and knowledge prior to starting at Bureau Veritas I was able to assist in the development of bespoke electrical compliance solutions for our clients, and as result Bureau Veritas won numerous contracts which they still have today.

I was encouraged by Bureau Veritas to challenge myself and work on projects outside my remit. This enhanced my position as a technical expert within the electrical engineering industry, which has helped me achieve my long term career goals.

What have been your key highlights within the business?

My main achievement was the development of safe working practices for our engineer surveyors.

Within the aggregates and building products industry I conducted several electrical compliance audits for a number of clients. From the findings I developed electrical schemes to enable compliance with client’s statutory duties which have been adopted as standard across the industry. This is something I’m very proud to have been part of.

I also sit on the Explosive Atmospheres Committee for British standards and have had a direct input into the maintenance requirements of electrical equipment, and as such was able to ensure Bureau Veritas were at the forefront of those requirements.

Due to my wealth of experience I was also approached by the business to become a thought leader. This involved working with the marketing and PR teams to raise awareness on topical issues, informing clients and businesses on statutory electrical compliance and safety, and proposed changes to legislation.

What have your experiences taught you?

My experiences have taught me that in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) business it is vital that your work is carried out methodically to ensure the safety of everyone, from businesses to employers and consumers. Having an understanding of the regulations and keeping up to date on the latest standards is imperative.

Never take short cuts as this only leads to accidents and serious injuries, which is a major part of an electrical engineer surveyor’s role to prevent.

Understanding the industry that you are working for is vital along with all the safety implications to ensure client’s needs and requirements are met to the highest of standards.

Lastly be proud of the work that you do as you are maintaining the safety of buildings and services for everyone’s use.

What are your plans in retirement?

Travelling is something I’m really looking forward to – I’d like to spend some time in the Far East such as Thailand and Singapore. I’m excited to be taking in some new culture, trying different foods and relaxing on the beach!

I’m also happy that I’ll be spending more time with my family after working so hard for all these years.