Introducing Boardgame Recommendation website built with Shiny

My family and I love boardgames.  We are also on the lookout for new ones that would fit with the ones we already like to play.  So I decided to create a boardgame recommendation website

I built it using R.  The recommendation engine uses a very simple collaborative filtering algortihm based on correlation scores from other boardgame players collection lists.  The collections are gathered using the API from  It is very much in a beta project phase as I just wanted to get something built to get working.

I also wanted another project to build in Shiny.  I really like how easy it is to publish R projects with Shiny.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to enter your own collection
  • Get recommendation on your collection
  • Amazon link to buy boardgame that is recommended
Its a work in progress.  There is much to clean up and to make more presentable.  Please take a look and offer comments to help improve the website. 

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