Hopes for Liberia’s first diamond mine rise on today’s general election Florida International University distinguished research professor Stephen E Haggerty outlines Liberia’s diamond prospects to Mining Weekly Online’s Martin Creamer. Photographs: Duane Daws. Video and Video Editing: Lionel de Silva

This year’s discovery of two new additional diamond-bearing pipes that are satellites to an earlier-discovered main diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe have boosted hopes for the establishment of the first diamond mine in Liberia, where artisanal activity has been the mainstay of diamond recovery in the West African country since the 1930s and where a general election takes place today. Downstream of the sizeable main kimberlite pipe, located in Liberia’s Camp Alpha region of Cape Mount County, artisanal miners have been operating with considerable success for many decades. (Also watch attached Creamer Media video).