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With increasingly complex supply chains, it is become ever more challenging for large manufacturers, processors and retailers to control quality and safety across global suppliers.

More stringent reporting and auditing requirements have increased the scrutiny on supply chains, and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) remains high on the agenda as organisations seek to avoid the kind of high profile scandals that can damage reputations, increase operational costs, put customers at risk and reduce profitability. It has never been more important to ensure an effective, reliable approach to supplier monitoring.

Insight from industry experts

Our whitepaper has been developed by Bureau Veritas supply chain experts, vastly experienced in working with clients to manage risk throughout complex, global supply chains.

It focuses on the importance of understanding risk in a specific supply chain at both macro and supplier level, as well as the opportunity of data analysis in identifying and managing that risk.

The paper also presents a cost-effective solution using Bureau Veritas’ innovative SafeSupply platform, which tackles the issue of supplier monitoring head-on with a powerful algorithm that combines macro data with data collected from suppliers to generate reliable assessments and supplier rankings.

Joy Franks, UK certification managing director for Bureau Veritas UK, said: “Only one third of people in the UK say they trust businesses, according to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer. With global product recalls on the increase, it is imperative that large manufacturers, processors and retailers are taking the appropriate measures to understand and control their supply chains. That means making the most of the data available to them.

“Bureau Veritas is a global leader, working with a large number of organisations to help develop the right approach, and this whitepaper provides a fantastic insight into the issues faced by our clients, introducing the threats, challenges and a viable solution.

“Our digital SafeSupply platform is a proven solution which leverages big data to effectively manage complex supply chains. Cost-effective and simple to use, it can save time, increase reliability of supply chain management and ultimately reduce risk.”

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