Consolidation needed to save jobs – Lonmin Lonmin CEO Ben Marara outlines to Mining Weekly Online’s Martin Creamer the crucial need for his company’s consolidation with Sibanye-Stilwater. Video & Video Editing: Nicholas Boyd. Photographs: Dylan Slater.

Ben Magara, the CEO of embattled mining company Lonmin, on Monday made an impassioned plea for authorities to approve the company’s consolidation plans with Sibanye-Stillwater as soon as possible, as these will generate R1.5-billion in synergies and save 12 600 vitally needed jobs. The resilient 32 500-employee Lonmin, which surprised on the upside by remaining $17-million net cash positive in the six months to March 31, has proved remarkably resilient in the face of devastatingly low platinum prices and has managed to increase lower-cost production and halt fatalities at its mines for the past ten months. (Also watch attached Creamer Media video.)