Bureau Veritas States UK Must Maintain its Trailblazer Position in Asbestos Control

Despite ongoing talk of plans to relax regulations around asbestos control, Bureau Veritas has been quick to assert that the UK must maintain current standards if we are to continue to effectively tackle the very real risk still presented by asbestos.

Historically, the UK has been always been a leader within the European Union in terms of Health & Safety regulations, particular in relation to asbestos. In fact, the UK’s Asbestos (Prohibitions) (Amendment) Regulations 1999, came into force five years ahead of the European deadline for the ban on asbestos use in building materials. In addition, a large proportion of the EU regulation regarding asbestos stems from legislation created by the British government.

Surprisingly then, 2017 has seen a flurry of talk concerning recently appointed Brexit minister, Steve Baker and his plans for the UK to have softer asbestos laws – a move which Bureau Veritas, a market leader in asbestos control certification, testing and inspection, has said could have consequences.

Kyle Veitch, technical, quality and risk management director at Bureau Veritas, comments: “Despite the huge progress which has been made over the last two decades, the reality is that there is still a massive job to do in eradicating asbestos from our older building stock. According to the latest Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics, there are over 2500 people per year in the UK diagnosed with mesothelioma (the most serious form of asbestos related cancer) and at least a further 2500 cases of lung cancer which are also likely to be caused by asbestos exposure.

“As such, we simply cannot afford to go backwards with watered-down asbestos regulation, rather, we must continue to take informed and decisive action to negate the risk of such tragedies happening going forward.

“Since the dangers around asbestos first come to fruition, the UK has been a trailblazer for control measures and regulation – our hope is that this continues as our post-Brexit strategy continues to emerge.”

Bureau Veritas offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses and organisations in achieving and maintaining asbestos control compliance, such as building surveys, annual re-inspections, project management of asbestos remediation, site risk assessments, air monitoring, four stage clearance air testing, laboratory sample analysis, management plans and training.

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