Bureau Veritas Launches New Cardinal Safety Rules Dedicated to Achieving “Zero Accident” Vision

As an organisation which prides itself on being a leader in health and safety standards, Bureau Veritas firmly believe all accidents can be and must be prevented. Thus, a set of cardinal safety rules underpin working practices to provide a visible frame for safe working environments, both in Bureau Veritas’ premises and at client sites.

Today sees the launch of the updated cardinal safety rules structure and the introduction of two new rules. These rules, which set the expectations for all employees, visitors, subcontractors and third party workers while working on site, show how Bureau Veritas is taking another step towards achieving the ambitious “zero accident” vision.

By continually updating safety rules Bureau Veritas demonstrates a commitment to improving safe working standards. This is highlighted further by RoSPA’s recognition of Bureau Veritas’ overarching occupational health and safety management. In July 2017, Bureau Veritas representatives attended the RoSPA Health and Safety Awards to collect both the RoSPA Gold Medal (5 consecutive gold awards to date) and the Gold Fleet Safety Award.

Carol Robinson, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, states: “It is expected that every employee complies with the Cardinal Safety Rules in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of our Clients and members of the Public. The introduction of the 2 new rules provides further positive examples of how Bureau Veritas work in order to set an example of safe working practices and keep everyone exposed to our work activities safe and well.”

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