Airliner manufacturer predicts strong demand for turboprop aircraft

Regional turboprop airliner manufacturer ATR on Monday released its 20-year (2018 to 2037) forecast for global demand for turboprop airliners. It estimated the market at 3 020 aircraft, worth more than $80-billion. “The key driver for this positive outlook is traffic growth in regional connectivity,” stated the company. “This comes from both traditional markets where less connected locations are being connected with direct new regional routes, as well as from emerging markets where the most viable solution for connecting people and transporting goods is turboprop air links.” Turboprops today operate in the up-to-90 seat regional airliner segment of the industry. ATR’s survey excluded small turboprops in the up-to-40 seat market segment, in which the company does not compete. It divided the the 40 to 90 seat segment into two markets: the 40 to 60 seat market and the 61 to 80 seat market.