A New Solution to Vibration Exposure Assessment Challenges

Bureau Veritas has launched a new paperless solution which simplifies the process of assessing the exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration, supporting organisations in achieving compliance with UK and EU Directive.

VEMS (Vibration Exposure Management System) has been developed in-house by Bureau Veritas experts and helps clients to overcome the numerous challenges faced with vibration exposure assessment, especially for large organisations that have a lot of tools and equipment.

With VEMS, organisations can manage their regulatory requirements for health and safety vibration across the whole company, in one place, with automatic calculations for complete peace of mind.

This is in contrast to conventional manual paper systems which can be onerous and time-intensive, do not allow easy visibility across the business and can lead to mistakes being made or documents lost.

What are your obligations?

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 place a duty on employers to reduce the risk to their employees’ health from exposure to vibration, whether this is caused by the use of hand-held or hand-guided power equipment, holding materials which are being processed by machines or caused by the sitting or standing on industrial machines or vehicles. The regulations are based on a European Union Directive requiring similar basic laws throughout the Union on reducing the risks of vibration-related diseases. Furthermore, any injuries caused by exposure to vibration are RIDDOR reportable and therefore will be investigated by the HSE. This can lead to very significant fines and penalties where poor management of vibration within the work place is evident.

They introduce action and limit values for hand-arm vibration, with the intention of protecting workers from workplace health and safety risks from vibration.

Under the regulations, employers are required to make a risk assessment, which should assess exposure levels and identify measures that need to be taken to reduce health and safety risks to employees from vibration. For large employers with a significant number of tools and equipment, this can be an extremely complex process.

What are the benefits of VEMS?

Our intuitive system contains vibration magnitudes of measured tools so managers can quickly and easily calculate vibration exposures of employees simply by inputting tool use times for the day. Alternatively, the maximum time each tool can be used is given in VEMS. This allows them to manage the risk of exposure more efficiently and more effectively. Furthermore, this data is recorded in order to track and trend vibration exposures throughout the year.

Benefits include:

– Supports compliance with Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and EU Directive.

– Runs off Microsoft Excel – intuitive, easy to use, with no further licences required

– Easy to identify employees requiring health surveillance/awareness

– Recording facilities for assessment of ongoing compliance

– Bespoke system designed in-house by experts in the specialist Acoustics and Vibration division of Bureau Veritas

– Proven usability and functionality, enhanced based on feedback from live client trials

– Opportunity to tailor content to your organisation – full training provided

– Access to further support from Bureau Veritas experts, covering all aspects of testing, inspection and compliance

Dr Richard Maggs, Consulting Group Manager – Acoustics & Vibration and Air Quality for Bureau Veritas said: “This is an exciting launch for Bureau Veritas, which further demonstrates our excellence in acoustics and vibration consultancy. We understand the issues our clients face and we are committed to developing innovative solutions that help them to overcome those issues.

“VEMS is easy to use, reliable and intuitive. It will enable our clients to manage their regulatory requirements for health and safety vibration across the whole company and quickly identify which employees are using which equipment and for how long to manage the risk of exposure. We have already had some fantastic feedback and we’re looking forward to rolling it out with more clients.”

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